Who Are We

Ahmet Kerem Şengezer

Born in Ankara in 1971; graduated from architecture in Istanbul Technical University, and then he completed his graduate education in construction management of University of Florida. In 1996 he had work experience as a project coordinator in a firm of Davis Homes in New Jersey for a year. He took part in renewing of very luxurious houses. After arrival to Turkey he took place in an interior arhitecture company, Pro Arch and acted as a project and site manager for several good brands. In 1998, he built his own company “Dba Arhitecture”. He has been acting as a manager of multiple interior design projects with a proven coordination experince and strong client relationships.


Born in İstanbul in 1974; graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Town and City Planning department of Architecture Faculty with the highest degree. And then she completed her graduate education in İstanbul Technical University Institute of Science at Landscape Architecture. In 1998 she started her work experience in Çarmıklı Yapı dealing with several landscape projects. In 1999 she joined  “Dba Architecture” in and started to work at interior design projects since then. She has been managing administrative affairs of the company. 


  • SEVÇER AKÇAL (Interior Architect/ Mimar Sinan Uni.)
  • TAYFUN SİNDELIŞIK (Interior Architect/ Marmara Uni.)
  • PELİN ARSLAN (Interior Architect/ Haliç Uni.)
  • NUR İNCE (Interior Architect/ Istanbul Technical Uni.)
  • TOLGA EĞİLMEZ (3D Designer/ Marmara Uni.)
  • MUSTAFA KEMAL MERTOĞLU (İç Mimar/ Maltepe Üni.)
  • MİRAY GÜNDOĞDU ( Industrial Designer/ Doğuş Üni.)
  • YAĞMUR SAVAŞ (Interior Architect/ Karadeniz Teknik Üni.)
  • SENA GÖZÜBEK (Interior Architect/ Gelişim Üni.)
  • MURAT GÖZÜPEK (Purchasing & Finance Manager)
  • NESLİHAN DURGUD (Accounting Supervisor)
  • NİHAN KAPLAN (Accounting Supervisor)
  • CANSU AYHAN (Accounting Assistant)
  • ABDULLAH KAPLAN (Accounting Assistant)
  • AYLİN AKSOY (Purchasing Specialist)
  • NEŞVA MEYDAN (Office Secretary)
  • HAKKI GÜMÜŞ (Architect/ Yıldız Uni.)
  • SEDAT SÜLEYMAN TUNÇ ( Industrial Designer/ Doğuş Uni.)
  • CANER YILDIRIM (Architect/ Yakın Doğu Teknik Üni.)
  • ABDULLAH HARUN ÖZDEMİR ( Interior Architect/ Altınbaş Üni.)
  • HÜSEYİN FIRINCI (Interior Architect/ Selçuk Üni.)
  • RECEP HIZAR (Electrician Chief)
  • ALİ TOPARLAK (Electrician)
  • ÜSTÜN BAGATUR (Electrician)
  • AHMET TURHAN (Electrician)
  • ALİ HIZAR (Electrician)
  • METİN CABA (Electrician)
  • MUHAMMED AKBAŞ (Electrician)
  • ALİ TURHAN (Electrician)
  • HAKKI CAN ER (Electrician)
  • HAKAN BAGATUR (Electrician)
  • FATİH CESUR (Site Chief)
  • ULAŞ ŞAHİN (Site Chief)
  • CEYHUN KORKMAZ (Site Chief)
  • MAHMUT ADACI (Site Chief)
  • KAZIM ULUTAŞ (Site Chief)
  • İBRAHİM ŞAHİN (Site Chief)
  • MUSA ÇAKIR (Site Chief)


  • ENGİN TÜRKERİ (Gypsum Constructer)
  • ERCAN BURAK (Gypsum Constructer)
  • UĞUR CAN (Gypsum Constructer)
  • FİKRET AYDIN (Gypsum Constructer)
  • MECNUR TELLİ (Gypsum Constructer)
  • MEHMET AKBULUT (Gypsum Constructer)
  • MUZAFFER ÖZCAN (Gypsum Constructer)
  • UĞUR AK (Gypsum Constructer)
  • ŞEREF SAĞLAM (Office Driver)
  • HAMİDE İŞERİ (Service & Cleaning)
  • KEZBAN SAVAŞ (Service & Cleaning)
  • SUAT ŞAHİN (Site Driver)
  • AHMET YILDIZ (Depot Works)