Work Style

Work Style

DBA Mimarlık, supports the customers by its organized body that could carry out the job including every detail in the project area.

There are three phases in its work process:

1-Designing project: Dba creates dynamic, efficient and original designs upon the style that the space requires in regard to the aesthetical values contributing to the right solution of the functions and develops concepts that serve exact solutions in terms of physical environment conditions. It presents the project either 2dimensional or 3 dimensional and the materials to the customer.

2- Application: Dba Mimarlık makes the project real with skilful crafting by its own work team or by sub-contractors.

3- Councelling and Control: Dba Mimarlık analyzes cost, quality and application techniques during the structural process starting from stage of design to the stage of application and performs coordination and control functions over the sub-contractors during work.

Dba Mimarlık supports the customers for all stages or some of the stages of the process according to the need.